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HM-6560 Calibration Certificate


Produced by Guangzhou Landtek Instrument Co., Ltd., Leeb Hardness Tester, modelHM-6560, has been inspected by South China National Center of Metrology, Guangdong Institute of Metrology. The report shows that multiple indicators are in line with the standard requirements, the meter is unanimously approved by the relevant agencies, as the excellent product with reliable quality and perfect technology.
Related inspecting indicator and inspecting results are as follows:
1. Appearance: Pass
2. Technical Characteristics:
Table 1 Indication of Impact

Measure Results of 0°Measure Results of 90°
Cone-apex Radius(3 mm±0.004 mm)3.0039 mm3.0030 mm
Roundness(0.004 mm)0.0028 mm0.0030 mm

Actual Value
Quality of Impact (5.5 g±0.2 g)5.407 g

Table 2 Indiction of Hardness Tester

Hardness ScaleMPE(Error/Repeatability)ErrorRepeatability
HLD±12 HL / ≤ 12 HL+3 HL10 HL

The inspection basis: JJG 747-1999 V.R. of Leeb Hardness Tester
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The Leeb Hardness Testers of our manufacturing, have all passed through the precise measurement, and strict producing control, so that won the vast numbers of users. The relevant products include: HM-6561, HM-6580

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